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SALE Full Package Adopt: Sailor Glamour Nightfall by PrettyAdoptDesigners SALE Full Package Adopt: Sailor Glamour Nightfall by PrettyAdoptDesigners

OPEN Adoptable SALE

Price: 500 350 points
Comment here that you want her.
When (if) we say you got her, use the donation widget on our profile to pay.
When we get the points, we will update the description and reply to you.

Credit PrettyGuardianDesign with the original design and OC.

Change up the bio and stats (when included).
Do not edit/change this character design too much - you are paying for the OC.
Do not alter the fuku design itself too much - you are paying for the design.

Do not resubmit this actual deviation to your account.

All non-commercial and personal uses. Ask before reselling or using commercially.

When using this OC, feel free to alter her bio to suit your needs. You may also make slight modifications to the OC design to suit your needs. When using the fuku design to create new senshi, you may create your own color palettes, add your own gems, hair, personality, etc. Use the design to create more senshi, to create upgraded fukus, etc. Just remember that you are paying for the design AND character - if you intend to change everything, this is not the adopt for you.

Adopted by ...

Character/Fuku original design PrettyGuardianDesign
Full size image available to download after payment is received.
Base by The-Lantiis

OC Bio
Senshi Name: Sailor Glamour Nightfall
Senshi of Sparkling Night and Sweet Dreams
Civilian Name: Lain Eventide
Age: 16 years old

Glistening Starlight Make-Up!

Shimmering Star Sphere Blast!
- Nightfall creates a sphere of light that explodes with the force of a volcano and sends rays of energy and light coursing through her enemy -

Kiss of Dreaming Bliss
- Nightfall blows a kiss towards her target causing them to fall into a sweet but deep slumber that takes hours to awake from - If her target has a darkness inside them, her sweet kiss can heal them of their darkness so when they wake up they are purified -
EMReven Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Super-cute fuku! Love it. :)
PrettyAdoptDesigners Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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March 18, 2014
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